Hoath Men’s Social Club by J Harbour

Admiral Rodney Hunt

As a boy, I remember my father talking about The Men’s Club. This would have been in the mid 1920s. They met in the old forge (now renovated by the Relph family). The members played cards, dominoes, darts and shove ha’penny etc.

When the present school was opened in 1928, the Club moved to the Village Hall (the original school). We now had a group of lads including Wyborn, Ansell, Morgan, Harbour, Hadlow, Dale, Collard, Finch, Hulks and Petley, to name but a few.

Many of these were called up for war service in 1939, and thankfully most of them returned at the end of the war.

The club discontinued in the war, and I became a member in 1949. Mr Charlie Farley was the Secretary then, but sadly he passed away a few years later. We then had several temporary Secretaries until 1963 when Mr Peter Hogben became the Secretary, and he worked tirelessly for the Club, until he sadly died unexpectedly. Again, there were several temporary Secretaries, until Derek Holness filled the post and he retired this year after many years of good service to the Club.

Another member, Mr Alan Hadlow, who has given much valued time and devotion to the Club as Social Secretary, has now also passed away. Mr S Nicholls took over the posts of General and Social Secretary.

New members are always welcome to join the Club and take part in it’s activities.

The Club meets on a Tuesday (October to May) from 8pm – midnight for billiards, darts, table tennis and card games.

Contact Chairman: Colin Finch on 01227 363720 or Brian Hopkins on 01227 860362